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vacation rental house on edisto


Alive Oaks on Edisto Island

Many Rooms Whitmarsh is designed for family reunions so it offers many rooms. It is hard to say which room is the best. But you can be assured that nobody would be sad being placed in one room over another. All of them are nicely decorated with nice views..

Location Whitmarsh is located on Edisto Island off Botany Bay Road on Frampton Inlet. It is about 45 minutes away from Charleston, SC and 10 minutes away from Edisto Beach. You will enjoy the beautiful scene just to get to Whitmarsh.

"It was my dream to build a house on the land in my family over 400 years called Whitmarsh since I was a little boy. I designed and re-design this house many times and I moved to Edisto and built it from 1989-1995. I hope this is the place for you to bring your families and friends to share love and good old times as the Battle families do every year." 

The dock might be the most calming place: sitting in the shade to relax, read, or talk with friends, fishing or crabbing, watching the dolphins swimming by, kayaking or boating, etc. it is up to you. 

Whitmarsh has six bedrooms, all have queen-size beds, a full- bath on the 1st floor, two full-baths on the 2nd floor, and a half-bath on the 3rd. 

Big kitchen and dinner area offer place to cook, eat and share laughter and fun memories. Spacious living rooms offer place to play, visit and entertaining.

Whitmarsh has many different decks with different views for you to enjoy the nature - watching sunrise or sunset, counting pelicans flying by, or enjoying 180 degree coastline view from the top.

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buck battle - the architect

whitmarsh oFFERs

awesome views

space for entertaining

host 16 people

HOME with dock

WHERE YOU've ALWAYS WANTED TO share good times
with your families and friends.